• Make your step into the next big thing – Join us on the journey beyond Blockchain.
  • We are looking to recruit new developers and marketing experts.
  • Come abord and get paid in TolarZ!

– Knowledge about the crypto world and Tolar HashNET
– Familiar with Tolar White Paper and website content
– Have time for some basic training
– Enthusiasm and positive attitude

+ Previous customer support experience

+ Be added to the product council
+ Participate in the Tolar’s mission and help Newbies
+ Get paid in TOLAR
+ Interact with a global community of crypto enthusiasts
+ Make an impact in the organization

Description and Pay:
Start as a trial rep and earn $9/hr paid in TOLAR tokens with the option to be upgraded to a support rep after logging 20 hours of successful support time, which will increase your pay to  $11/hr also paid in TOLAR tokens or $12/hr if you are a phone support rep.

You will get to work in your own time by scheduling your support time with the support lead and have assigned blocks of time.
You MUST show up and provide support during your block even if there is nobody to support.

What days would you like to work?

What times (in UTC) would you like to work?